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If your reservation is pre-paid then no, you will have to contact the rental company to make any changes to your reservation. If your reservation is being paid on arrival, then simply visit the Review/Cancel Reservation section of our website and select the 'Cancel this Reservation' link at the top of the page. You will need your Rental Car Itinerary Number and the email address you entered when you reserved your car.

You should have three things with you when you arrive to pick-up your rental car:
A valid U.S. drivers license or a valid driver's license issued from your country of residence and an International Driver's Permit -- you'll need to present it at the rental counter to prove your identity, verify your birth-date and, if necessary, for a driving record check.
Your Rental Car Itinerary/Receipt - which is available on the homepage of our website at the top right-hand corner of the page. Enter your Request Number and your receipt and full itinerary will be right there for you to print.
A valid major credit card with available credit. A debit/check card that has a Mastercard or Visa logo is accepted but also needs to have available credit as the rental car companies require this as a security deposit on the car. The driver will also need to have this available credit if they choose to purchase optional items at the rental counter.
Cash: The driver will not be allowed to leave a cash deposit in lieu of a credit card or debit/check card.

Yes you can rent a car in Canada, Europe, and other International locations. For rental cars in Mexico, please ask the rental partner what their specific policies are once you are at the rental counter. We offer great savings, selection, and customer service for your international rental car travel. Simply go to our homepage and type the name of the city or airport you are traveling to in the search fields at the top of the page.
Important Information Regarding Exchange Rates: Purchases made on our web site are transacted exclusively in United States Dollars (USD). If you make a purchase from us using a non-USD-denominated credit or debit card, please be aware that, due to the constant fluctuation in exchange rates, our charge to your card or the estimated charge amount we provide you, may differ based on the exchange rate at the time you make your reservation versus the rate at the time the charge is reflected on your credit card statement. Also, in the event that we must credit your account, we will refund the exact USD amount initially charged and will not be responsible for any fluctuations in exchange rates which may cause differences in your billing statement.

If the driver of the car is not a U.S. resident, the driver must present a valid International driver's license at the rental counter when renting a car in the United States. Most U.S. rental car companies accept international credit cards.

We offer the following car types:
Economy Cars
Compact Cars
Mid-size Cars
Standard Cars
Full-size (4 door) Cars
Premium Cars
Luxury Cars
Mini-van (7 passenger)
Full-size Vans. Our web site includes a full description of each car type, including the typical number of passengers and pieces of luggage each will accommodate. Rental car companies carry a variety of makes and models for each car type listed above. As a result, the rental car companies are not able to guarantee the specific make or model you will receive at the rental counter. Requests for non-smoking vehicles should be made at the rental counter. Rental car companies are not able to guarantee the availability of a non-smoking vehicle.

You can book a rental car reservation up to one hour in advance of your pick-up time. When searching our site, we will provide you with the available options based on the itinerary details you enter on our website. For example, if you place a request on our website at 11 a.m. the earliest you can pick up your rental car is noon the same day.

You can submit a request for a rental car that someone else will be driving as long as you enter the driver's full name and age and the driver meets the following requirements:
Has a valid driver's license issued in his or her full name - the rental company will verify age and may check the driver's driving record. Non-U.S. residents must present a valid international driver's license from his/her home country.
Has a valid credit card with a minimum of $200 or more of available credit. Most locations also accept debit cards.
Meets the minimum age requirements.
Keep in mind that when you initial the request on our Web site you are indicating that the DRIVER accepts all of Priceline Partner Network Rental Cars' Terms and Conditions and that the driver will be denied rental if any of the above criteria are not met.

Collision Damage Coverage is optional insurance which can be purchased on our website either during the reservation process or after the reservation is confirmed. Collision Damage Coverage can be purchased for only $9/calendar day for standard rentals (with $40,000 in coverage), or $12/calendar day for premium rentals (with $75,000 in coverage). Please remember, while no payment is required for your rental car reservation until you pick up the vehicle, Collision Damage Coverage is charged immediately to your credit card at the time of booking your reservation, or when you add it to your existing reservation.

While the vehicle is in your possession and is damaged due to collision, theft, vandalism, windstorm, fire, hail or flood, you are subject to pay a lesser amount for the total cost of car repairs, additional charges imposed by the rental car company, or the actual cash value of the car. The coverage offered on our website provides a cost-effective way to protect yourself against unforeseen damages or theft. There is also no deductible.

The plan is primary coverage, meaning you do not have to claim payment from any other insurance plan before receiving coverage under this plan. This helps avoid filing a claim with your personal auto insurance and risking insurance rates increasing in the future. This coverage is very similar to the Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) that the car rental companies try to sell customers at the time of renting a car. Like the CDW, this coverage provides reimbursement to the person purchasing the plan for charges incurred due to loss or damage of the rental car. It is possible that agents at the counter may try to sell you their plan. Please note that while this coverage is similar to the CDW offered by the rental car companies, certain benefits, limits, terms and exclusions may differ.

If you have additional questions about Collision Damage Insurance Coverage, contact Allianz Global Assistance, our partner and insurance provider, at 1 (866)909-4101 or learn more at

Terms, conditions, and exclusions apply. Plan(s) underwritten by BCS Insurance Company or Jefferson Insurance Company. AGA Service Company is the licensed producer and administrator of these plans. Contact AGA Service Company at 800-284-8300 or 9950 Mayland Drive, Richmond, VA 23233 or

Important: Your car rental cannot exceed 45 consecutive days to be eligible. Exotic and specialty vehicles (e.g. campers, trailers, motorcycles, RV's, etc.), are not covered. See the Description of Coverage (url: for a complete list of excluded vehicles.

Collision Damage Coverage can be purchased during checkout for either $9/calendar day for standard rentals (with $40,000 in coverage), or $12/calendar day for premium rentals (with $75,000 in coverage). Please remember, while no payment is required for your rental car reservation until you pick up the vehicle, Collision Damage Coverage is charged immediately to your credit card at the time you book your rental reservation.

You can find your itinerary by going to the Review/Cancel Reservation section of our website. Enter your Rental Car Trip Number and the email address you used to place your request, and your receipt and full itinerary will be right there for you to print. You will not get a copy of your receipt or itinerary by mail.

Cancellations with 100% refund will be permitted for Collision Damage Insurance up until your scheduled pick-up time. If you choose to cancel your reservation, please visit or call 1 (866) 909-4101 to cancel insurance.

In order to file a claim, please contact Allianz Global Assistance by any one of the following ways:
Online claim initiation: or via the TravelSmart app which is available for free download via the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.
By Phone: Toll free at: 1 (866) 909-4101
By Email:
By Mail: Allianz Global Assistance P.O. Box 71533 Richmond, VA 23286-4684

Claims should be submitted within 90 days of incurring the covered loss. The majority of claims will be processed within 30 days after the Insurance Company receives all supporting documentation from you.

Yes. You can book a rental car reservation with a different pick-up and drop-off location (also known as a "one-way" rental). For example, you can enter a pick-up location in Orlando and a drop-off location in Miami if that is where you will end your trip.
One-way reservations are currently limited to airport locations only (for example, pick-up at Orlando International Airport and drop-off at Miami International Airport.) There may also be a "drop-off" fee charged by the rental car company.

Know Your Insurance Coverage: Be sure to research the insurance coverage available on your current automobile policy, your credit card agreement and your homeowners or renter's policy prior to picking up your rental car. This will help you make the most informed decision about optional coverages offered at the rental counter.
Inspect the Condition of Your Rental Car: Take a walk around your rental car with an agent before you leave the rental location. Be sure to make note of any scratches, dents, dings, etc. and report them so there is no confusion regarding the car's condition upon return.
Get to Know the Features on Your Rental Car: Take a few minutes before you leave the rental location to familiarize yourself with where everything is on your rental car. Check the headlights, hazards, windshield wipers, door locks, spare tire, etc.
Look at a Map Before Leaving the Airport: Be sure to ask the agent at the rental counter for directions or a map of the area. Most rental car companies provide free maps as a courtesy.
Avoid Additional Charges at Drop-off: Be sure to return your rental car at the designated date and time on your rental agreement to avoid extra day and/or extra hour charges. If you do not opt to pre-purchase gas at the rental counter, be sure the gas tank is full upon return to avoid gas and re-fueling fees.

While your rental car comes with unlimited mileage, the rental car company that is providing the car may have restrictions about driving your rental car into another country. If you plan on taking your rental car outside the U.S., we suggest you ask at the rental counter about its company's policy prior to driving off the rental car lot. This includes inquiries regarding driving into Canada and Mexico.

You can add a driver to your rental car reservation at the rental counter. There may be additional fees which will be disclosed at the rental counter. The primary driver on the reservation must arrive at the counter to pick up the car and add the additional driver to the rental agreement. We are unable to add a driver to your rental reservation or change the name of the primary driver originally entered on our web site.

When you choose your rental car company and your exact rate we will provide an estimate of what the rental car company will charge you when you rent the car. This estimate is based on information available from the rental car company directly and includes an estimate of taxes, fees, and surcharges that may apply to your transaction at the time of reservation. It does not include any additional gas, fees, or other surcharges.
Please check with the rental car company when you are at the rental counter for complete rate details.
Pointer - If you have any questions about what you've been charged - check your paperwork! Charges for optional items will be listed on your rental agreement (provided by the rental company) and you are often required to initial by them at pick-up. Any questions concerning optional items should be directed to the rental company that accepts your request.

Please read the following information, which will help you to understand your rental agreement and clarify any charges.
Your rental agreement shows charges for all optional items (insurance, gasoline, upgrades, extensions, ski-racks, cell phones, etc.) you elect to take at the rental counter, and you are typically required to initial by them when you pick up your car. These charges are in addition to the cost of your rental.
We do not have access to the actual rental contract you signed at the counter or any additional charges the rental car company billed to you based on that contract. If you have questions about any of the charges on your rental, you will need to contact the rental car company directly.
Here is a definition of terms to help you understand your rental agreement:
This item involves waiving or limiting your personal responsibility for damage to or loss of your rental car.
Protection for claims made against you.
Coverage for renters in the event of accidental death or bodily injury for the duration of the rental.
Coverage for damaged or stolen personal property.
Prepaying for gas at the rental counter upon vehicle pick-UP - UNUSED GASOLINE IS NOT REFUNDED.
Rental Car companies charge for gas if a customer does not pre-pay and returns the car with less than a full tank.
Rental car companies charge for additional items you elect to add at the rental counter - such as child safety seats, ski racks, cell phones, navigation equipment, etc. These charges vary by rental company and are not included in the cost of the rental reservations itself.
We do not have the ability to view our rental partner's rental agreements and each partner has a different version, however, this is an idea of what you might see.

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